For the First Time…

For the first time, this is not a post about books I have read. It’s not a review. Read on, if you’re interested.

There’s more to a book then reading. Sure, that’s a lot of it. But it’s not nearly all.

Think about what happens beforehand. What happens before you know a book exists. What happens before anyone ever picks it up. When it’s just a file on Google Docs. Or Word Microsoft. Or whatever.

Writing the book is the most important step, by far. And, if you haven’t guessed by now, I’m also a novelist and short story writer*. I’m only nine, so I haven’t gotten anything published yet. But I’m hoping to someday.

If you like to read…if you like my blog, you should write a story, too. It can be a poem. A picture book, complete with sketches. A full-on novel, like I write. A script or screenplay. Write something–anything really. Give me the link to your piece on a comment, and if I like it, I’ll post it. I’ll, of course, give you–the writer–full credit. And, yes, Mom (a writer too–my family must have words in our blood), I was thinking of you when I came up with this.

Be a writer. Your words can change the world.


*Go to   to read one of my recent pieces.


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